Rappan Atthuk

Session 2 - We've made a friend (or two)

Victor Dragonclaw was having a tough time. Little pranks kept being played on him and no one would confess their involvement in the small group that was escorting Pearl and Private Amdale to their new, beachside home.

Eventually, he found out the prankster was a curious pixie named Erika. Erika is part of a Fethine Court but likes to meet up with adventurers to watch what they do.

As they’re traveling toward the beach, Vek Redhammer was playing a prank of his own – being all but unconscious from drinking too much ale.

An imp is spotted and the group follows the imp to his home, where a coven of sea hags live. One greets the adventurers and senses that Geoffrey Fitzwhalen is looking for something in his past. She tells him that she’s got wonderful – addictive? – magic that would allow him to look into either the future or the past. And the best part was that the first glimpse was free! Geoffrey declined the hag’s generosity.

Once the group had reached the spot, Pearl had one more request – to make her husband’s home a safe place. The group worked together to make it safe and welcoming. Through that process, they discovered a couple nearby dangers that Salenter Amdale should keep in mind -

  • the hags
  • a giants’s wasp nest where dozens of wasps as big as horses live
  • a wrecked pirate ship where zombies wander under the water
  • a group of pirates off the shore

For their help, Pearl gave the group a special magic item – Libram of Happenstance. Alaric Milner was given a permanent +1 to AC, while Vek was given a permanent +1 to hit.



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